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Posted by Dr. Christopherson Feb 19, 2018

To enhance your smile and provide a lifetime of oral health security, always make sure you are exercising caution with day-to-day activities and taking the necessary steps to limit any dental damage that can occur. Dental damage can arise at any time and arise in numerous forms, including through the activities you are involved in and any unhealthy habits that can destroy your smile.

If you are involved in any outdoor activities such sports, it is important to understand any risks associated with sports in terms of your oral health. If dental damage is possible, it is important to wear the necessary safety gear to protect your teeth and gums. A single blow to your face can easily cause enough dental trauma to destroy your smile in seconds. To combat this, wear a mouthguard, helmet, face mask or headgear whenever possible.

Another common risk for dental damage arises due to unhealthy products you use. This includes smoking or chewing tobacco as well as using drugs. Unhealthy products not only lead to a severe downtown in your physical health but also your oral health as well. To prevent tooth loss and cancer, remove these unhealthy habits from your lifestyle immediately.

If you would like to set up an appointment with Dr. Tyler Christopherson at our dentist office in Stevens Point, Wisconsin for an oral health care restoration, please call us at 715-952-5920. Our team at Christopherson Family Dentistry looks forward to helping your smile shine brightly for decades to come!

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